To Excel in IT Field

Innovation through Differentiation for the generation.

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Our Company E IT is focalized, advanced, plan encounters, development stages, and reusable resources interface over a number of innovations to provide substantial commerce esteem and encounters to our partners by providing IT services in a large category.

E IT is Fueled by troublesome advances, non-linear development with Stages, collaborative disturbance with modern age accomplices and Future Rising together towards an intentional brand, it is our all-encompassing approach to be future forward.


Our Vision

“To Excel in IT Field”

Our Mission

“ Innovation through Differentiation for the generation “

Our Services

Web and Mobile App Development

Our encounter in all aspects of web development makes a difference our clients in coming to their full potential. As a prominent web application improvement company, we construct unmistakable stages for your web applications making future improvements clear as well as fetched compelling.

We pride ourselves as a group of experienced experts working together. Our well-defined forms and a superlative group structure make us a top-notch web application advancement company in Sri Lanka.

Software Development

Creating custom computer program arrangements has customarily been a long and hazardous prepare. This is often why numerous instep purchase off-the-shelf systems that stifle trade advancement. But there's distant better; a much better; a higher; a stronger; an improved “a stronger way. E IT combines the innovation with an attempted and tried Way of Working so you ought not to compromise.

Our mission is to find unused boundaries. Through experimentation and the logical strategy, we are always advancing our Way of Working. The Way of Working guarantees straightforwardness and way better comes about.

Digital Marketing

Developing businesses online is difficult. Let us appear you the way.

Advanced methodology isn’t fair for the huge folks. It can have breathtaking comes about for little businesses too.

It’s almost making beyond any doubt that your promoting budgets are utilized admirably, getting blast for your buck within the online environment. So, truly, it’s a must-have for any adroit little trade.


The company that gets it E-commerce interior and out.

E-commerce can offer noteworthy focal points for little to medium measured businesses. Offering items over the net is viable and effective, and permits your commerce to produce pay 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Stylish e-commerce websites that create more deals per visit.

Enterprise solutions

Our endeavor portability arrangements would do the work for you at ease. Construct proficient communication and collaboration stages for your universally different and disseminated workforce that bridged boundaries in area, time zones and demographics.

Our customized venture portability arrangements can too play a urgent part in basic trade choice making, guaranteeing total control over the get to company’s basic information.

Digital Transformation

We collaborate in creating an advanced change technique that's adjusted to your key trade destinations and leverages advanced advances to create a critical competitive advantage.

With a comprehensive suite of administrations to help in digital change, ready to offer assistance back and quicken your organization’s journey.


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Our Team

Victory as a business visionary depends on one’s capacity to construct and rouse a group. A effective pioneer is one who can goad his group individuals to work well together toward a common vision and objectives. Our Commando unit beneath authority of Supun our CEO is a genuine exhibit of this.

E IT accepts in supporting ability, so each person is energized to be inventive and create his or her claim identity to the fullest degree conceivable. We too accept that all of our individuals are important resources to our commerce. We see each person as a co-owner in making long term of our undertaking and hence take pride in each individual’s victory and achievements. It is the combination of this solid group soul and our administration skill, together with our unflinching commitment to our clients and energy to exceed expectations that result in our unrivaled computer program arrangements.

Mr Supun Madushan


Mr Supun graduated in the field of Information Technology and he is expanding his knowledge in Business Management through post graduate publications. Before starting his first business initiative he worked as a presenter in recognized TV channels in Sri Lanka. Also he worked as a marketing executive and a marketing manager. His dedication and innovation leads to establish both his companies E IT and

Mr.Sithum Sandaruwan

Software Engineer/Web Developer

Sithum plays an important diverse role in taking on both frontend and backend workloads as required. His knowledge base is backed by a BSc (HONS) in Information Technology and from his experience at Techwire and Blimpit. He’s a tech enthusiast who takes pride in his flawless event management skills. Indubitably the party planner of the team.

Mrs.Madhupama Ranathunga

QA Engineer

Mrs. Madhupana graduated in the field of Information Technology at SlIIT and she has completed the Study of The Belt and Road Advanced Seminars for Communication Industry International Cooperation at Chongqing University of Post and Telecommunication (CQUPT).Now she spend majority of her time as a QA Engineer at

Sandun Ravindrajith


Multitalented Software Engineer who brings best of both analytical and creative worlds together.Gold medalist in Nippon art competition, this talented Software Engineer specializes in frontend development and UI design, where he adds colour and flavour to reflect supreme enginuity behind eIT products.

Why Us

Extraordinary Enthusiasm

Each one of us is amazingly enthusiastic for innovation and quality.

Commando Approach

Centered, goal-oriented, proficient and good are qualities our clients most relate us with.

Partnership Model

We esteem connections and accept in building solid enduring commonly useful trade associations.

Great Culture

We’ve made an environment in which our group work not since they ought to, but since they adore to.

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